It all began with two IKEA lamp cords that I found in the bargain corner for about 2$. To be honest, when I saw them there, I didn’t really know yet what to use them for. But it was such a bargain and I knew I could come up with something to transform them into. That is actually something I regularly. Buy things without knowing what they will end up as. Those things have their very own drawer in my home (and well a chaste =D). So far, only good things have come from opening up that drawer and working with those treasures.

As some of my followers might remember, I started off with this project some time back in June of this year. Then I forgot all about them, put them in the treasure-drawer and just finished them recently. But now their transformation is complete and I love what they have become! I chose two very dim and small light bulbs for the lamps because I just want to use them when lying in bed going over a few things in my head or reading a few pages.

So if you decide to make one of these lovely wire cage lamps yourself, this is what you need:

  • metal wire cages (They are everywhere right now and you will find super expensive versions of them all over the web and in stores. However, if you wanna go with my DIY version, that I like just as much, simply buy a metal wire lamp cage online. Usually, they are used in a terrarium to make sure your lizard doesn’t burn himself (or herself, pardon me) on the heating lamp.)
  • a wooden triangle thingy (I got mine from IKEA. It’s a simple bookshelf holder.)
  • acrylic paint
  • tape
  • old newspaper
  • hot glue gun
  • a drill and screws to attach it to the wall
  • a light bulb 🙂

And here come the instructions:

Step 1

Dye the lamp cord! I assumed that the ‘fabric’ cord was made of some sort of synthetic cord which is why I chose to mix my colour on the basis of acrylic colour. I used some everyday acrylic paint that I’d also use when I’m painting on canvas. A little bit of paint plus 1 or 2 tbsp of water added to a bowl and mixed a little will do the trick. Then take your cord and drip a bit of paint-water on the cord. Now use your hands to spread and pull it along the cord (if you do this rather swiftly, you can wash your hand afterwards and they won’t stay colourful all day =) – which actually wouldn’t be that bad either). Once you have spread the colour evenly all over your cord, hang it somewhere to dry.

Step 2

Spray the plastic part of the cord! If you like the modern fancy look with the see-through plastic part, skip this step. However, if you do want to spray it, make sure to tape-off the cord that you have just coloured so nicely. Use a piece of newspaper to cover up all of the cord so nothing will be sprayed there. To get a nice sharp line between cord and plastic part, use some tape. Spray and let it dry.

The pictures show that at first, I didn’t spray all the plastic. However, after I saw how it looked with the wire cage I decided to spray it all. But that’s entirely up to you. 

Step 3

Get your hot glue gun out and let it heat up. Attach the wire cage to the plastic part of the lamp cord and connect them with a bit of hot glue. Let it cool down.


Step 4

The cord was slightly bigger than the hole in the bookshelf triangle. Thus I had to make it a little bit bigger using the drill.


Step 5

Assembly and up they go! Almost there… Now we want to pull the cord through the hole and wrap it around the wooden part a few times (or not, if you don’t like how that looks).

The use your drill and screws to attach the lamps to the wall. After that, you just plug them in (hopefully they have a plug) or as in my case, you let your crafty partner in crime help you with that =).







Enjoy your lovely new wire cage lights!

⇒ If you follow these instructions I would be delighted to see the outcome! Please share on Instagram or send an email with a picture of your version =)

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