During summer I don’t buy any lettuce. I grow it myself! Having 6 lettuce plants at the same time makes it possible to continuously harvest lettuce every second day (or every single day if you just want it as a side dish). I live in a two person household and, so far, have never run out of lettuce at home. There are a few tricks you should know about when giving it a try.

  • The kind of lettuce you grow is an important detail here. Chose a kind of lettuce that forms lose heads so that individual leaves can be picked without harming the rest of the plant as this image shows…


  • Plant the first 6 plants (or more if you have a family or friends to feed) and let them grow
  • When their leaves get bigger start collecting the outer, ‘ready’ layers and let the middle part, with younger, smaller leaves stand
  • When the plants start shooting taller (getting ready to flower) cut of one plant every week, replacing it with new small plants
  • That way you will have a constant supply of lettuce!

It may look quite messy at times but you want your lettuce plants to be at different stages just like this picture shows.


How many plants you need to buy over the course of one season depends on your climate and how much you eat of course. The price for 6 new plants at the supermarket is about 2$. The amount of salad you get from one plant (about 30 cents per plant) exceeds the amount you get from buying a lettuce at the shop by more than 10 times!

Therefore, you can not only enjoy fresh lettuce right from your garden (or balcony in my case) but also you save up some money. I’ll be using those savings to buy my loved ones some nice dinner at a restaurant :).

What are you waiting for?! Get some pots and start growing your lettuce!

Posted by:noëlle

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