Another piece of furniture that needs a refreshed look. Sadly I didn’t take any before pictures, simply because I couldn’t wait to get started with the sanding, as usual. But I found one from after the sanding. I was just about to paint the nightstand.

The initial condition of the nightstand was very bad. My grandmother kept it in her bathroom, close to the shower, thus the wood was heavily stained by little droplets of water. Some parts of the wood and old varnish started splintering and coming off. Maybe that was the reason why I could’t wait to sand it as soon as I got the poor thing ready on my balcony.

I couldn’t remove all stains. There is one on the drawer that is still well visible. However, I don’t mind it at all. It is a very old nightstand and I don’t mind being reminded of its long history in my family. Just imagine all the different books it must have had sitting on it over the years. All the bedtime stories and pillow talk it listened to. What a lovely thought to fall asleep to.

nightstand frontal

The remake of this nightstand was rather quick and easy.

  1. sand the whole surface (same procedure that I described in my post about The Glass Cabinet)
  2. remove all dust from the surface with a damp cloth and let it dry
  3. and to finish it, I added two layers of wood varnish in ‘light oak’







I just found another nightstand that I will work on in the weeks to come. I wonder already how it will look when I have two antique but refurbished nightstands. One on each side of the bed :).

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