Do you love fresh flowers to decorate your home with but the bouquets at your local florist are a bit pricey? Well then try this:

When you are at the supermarket next time, buy a bunch of flowers (I picked white-ish roses but any other flower you like will work just fine too). On your way home keep your eyes open for little green branches, leaves or side road flowers. If you live in the middle of a city you might think ‘good luck with that dear Noëlle’ but I live in the middle of the city and as I did this little ‘exercise’ I realized how many plants just randomly grow all over the city! Most of them considered weeds.

Pick a few of those greens and include them into your bunch of flowers from the shop! And this is how mine looked after this tiny effort:


I payed about 6$ for the roses in the shop. For a pretty bouquet of this size I’d probably pay about 40$ at a Swiss florist (if not more!).

Just a side note: When you are picking those flowers or greens make sure no one actually planted them on purpose! Furthermore, areas that are designated by the city to enhance its appearance should not be ‘plundered’. Another idea is to go for a little walk on a nearby field or in a forest. I am sure you will find some suitable friends for your roses. The bouquet I made was the outcome a lucky coincidence. My pretty flowers were growing on a little green area that was about to be destroyed by a construction site so I picked them before that tragedy could happen :). Anyway, I made other bouquets just like this one with ‘only’ weed-kind of greens and they turned out just as pretty. I will share one of those bouquets with you very soon!

Until then, enjoy making your homes pretty with this little flower hack.

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3 replies on “Your Own Bouquet

  1. Ahh, I love your idea! I really like the way fresh cut flowers look on my kitchen table. I just hesitate to buy them because I know they’re only going to dry up and wither away in a few weeks time. Do you do anything special to keep them alive for longer?


    1. It depends a lot on the kind of flowers that you buy as you might have noticed already. Carnations for example stay fresh and pretty for up to 2 and a half weeks if you change the water every now and then. I am a very lucky girl since carnations are my favourite flowers :). But as for tipps about what you can do to keep them looking nice…
      1. before you put them into the water the first time cut about 1cm off each stem
      2. use the little “flower food” sachets that are sometimes attached to the flowers you buy in the shop (don’t know if you have them in your country)
      3. I change the water every third day and
      4. cut of the lowermost part of the stem each time
      That’s just how I do it. I never actually checked online if there are any other things that help the plants stay pretty for a long time. As I am thinking about it now there must be flower-food one can buy at the store. I might get one and try it out myself :). Hope I could share some tipps you didn’t already know of!

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